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The Farm / Dojo
Looking for location/property!
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After years of traveling, I am looking for a farm (or something similar) where I can establish a living/working space/base.

The creation of the place will follow the qualities of simplicity, awareness and diversity.
The design and the implementation will work with principles and design-methods of permaculture.

That means:
• The design of the site will support and safeguard the life-supporting capacity of the air, water, soil and ecosystems.
• It will create / recreate conditions so that biodiversity can be sustained or redevelop.
• The project will create conditions for a diverse cultural life to develop – always in cooperation and consideration with the local conditions concerning the natural environment and the social/cultural structure of the area.
• The project will intent to enrichen and support the region and the region will inspire and be integrated in the project.

The farm is open to further develop an international network and exchange in the realms of earth restoration methods, Zen buddhism/spiritual philosophies and various artforms.

I can see a dojo (a space for different practices), a small and eclectic library...
I can also see conferences on themes within the realms of music or dance, or practices and philosophies of sustainable cultures.

The farm will be sustained through the network of friends and partners connected to it, through visitors/workshop participants and through the land itself.

I do not have the financial means to purchase a property, thus other ways have to be found!

Hints welcome!
I am not tied to a specific place, though temperate climate zone would be preferred.