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lars schmidt

Mountains and Rivers are Speaking

The Arts in Service - On Learning To Live And To Die,
Interrelating the Arts, Ecological and Spiritual Understanding

Body of Work in the context of MLitt Fine Arts and Performance
Glasgow School of Art, 2019/20

A statement that should provide a coherent framework is to be found in the menu to the left under 'The Arts in Service | Context'.

A central work I would mention is 'Kata', an instant composition I made during lock down. It is best to be listened to with headphones or good speakers.
I also wrote and revised some texts during this time. (Improvisation and/as Ecological Practice, ...)
Apart, or better: in addition to that, here is a list on my body of work throughout the MLitt.

_'Make Life Poetry'
Woodblock Print, Ink on paper, 59,4x84,1cm
_ 'Everything we don't understand is explained in art' - for Amiri Baraka
Paintings (selection), Acrylic on paper, 21x29cm
Performance, *
_'You should ask rice fields and gardens for the truth’
Sculptural work (selection), site specific
_Sonomama Sessions at Center for Contemporary Art, Glasgow
'Ahata, Anahata | The Struck/Unstruck Sound', Sound Art and Instant Composition, Performance;
Bech Hill Conversations, ** *
_'Take A Stand'
Live Performance/Choreography, site specific, *** *
_'From the Notebooks'
Photographic work
Film/Performance *
_'What Happens To A World That Kills All Its Wolves?'
Film/Performance *
_'Mu Landscapes - Resilience and Regeneration in Times of Social and Environmental Emergency'
Feedback and Consultation on Regenerative Farming Methods and Rewilding Dynamics, Cooperation and Hands-on work at Beech Hill Permaculture and Retreat, Hartford, UK *

* Images by Delia Spatareanu
** Images by Jemma Mitchell
*** Images by Katri Heinamaki