I, the Land from Sonomama Collective on Vimeo.

I, the Land
HD, silent, 2016


The Fox Condemns The Trap, Not Himself
S-8 on DV, b/w, w/sound, 4:50 min, 2002

'The Fox...' is a poetic and intimate exploration on choice and commitment.
The film is inspired by Gudrun Ensslin, co-founder of the German terrorist organisation RAF (Rote Armee Fraktion, 1968).


Exercises in Seeing Series
S-8, all edited in camera

Recording the Climate after the Stop of the Gulf Stream
France, near Nancy

S-8, b/w, silent, 3:41 min, 1998, visual poem

North 6th, Williamsburg, NYC
S-8, b/w, w/sound, 3:34min, 1998, visual poem

Journey, NYC
S-8, b/w, 3:04min, 1998, visual poem

Laurent, NYC
S-8, b/w, 3:32min, 1998, visual poem

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