Art, Ecology & Education
2006 - 2013 // Working with Processes

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The intention of the project, which I started in 2006 in Berlin, was to provide and facilitate ‘input and impulses for life-sustaining cultures.’
We shared in many ways.
There were art/activism projects, lectures, concerts, and workshops integrating dance, acting and deep ecology.
We participated in community gardening, inspired the first Berlin Transition Town Initiative, gave permaculture courses, and did a lot of international networking.

One central instrument was an extensive website, which finally had been hacked and severely damaged in May 2013. You will find the content via

AEE has changed form. As a project it has found an end. However, its proposition remains:

‘What would our human endeavors look like if we learned a new way of being in the world?’
- was AEE’s central question.