Sonomama Sessions
(sonomama, jap. = 'as it is')


The Sonomama Sessions are open gatherings/happenings around various themes ranging from the arts and performance, to ecological or spiritual understanding.

You could also say the Sonomama Sessions propose a certain approach to life.

Most of the times there are featured guest artists/speakers, always there is a nice atmosphere and poetic impulses to be followed.

There might even be a good Japanese green tea here and there, since we like that sort of thing.

Feel invited and keep updated via Instagram:#sonomamasessions

@CCA Glasgow
Jan 25
Feb 28
Mar 27
April 24
May 22
June 26


“We have no end of information to hand. What we lack is a narrative, one that makes deep sense to us, that allows each one of us to sort the relevant from the irrelevant in our lives.
We need a metanarrative that will guide those who feel lost and those who want to work toward a future other than the bleak one now before us.”

Barry Lopez, Author

"So how are you going to deal with a senseless situation that is a consequence of pathological individualism?
The only way forward is to bring on a Revolution of Compassion…"

The Dalai Lama, A Call for Revolution, 2018

The Sonomama Sessions are open gatherings/happenings conceived by Lars Schmidt.

They are scheduled monthly at the Center of Contemporary Art, Glasgow and may be seen as ‘a flexible, multifunctional and immersive artwork, fostering self-knowledge, improvisational skills, and a sense of community’.

Inspired by the gathering ritual of the Japanese Tea ceremony they provide a space and atmosphere for encounter and exchange around various themes ranging from the arts, to ecological and spiritual understanding.
They intend to provide a context and support to explore fundamental questions about how to live a fullfilled, responsible and respectful life.
In other words: what it means to live artfully.

Featured guest artists, speakers and performers will share on various aspects.

'With the Sonomama Session I would like to support and foster inter- and transdisciplinary work and thinking, as well as (re)introduce the notion of ‘being in service’ as a concept of artistic expression, and as a timely and relevant demand from the artist.' - Lars Schmidt