Sonomama Sessions
(sonomama, jap. = 'as it is')

The Sonomama Sessions are open happenings integrating themes of the arts and performance, as well as ecological and spiritual understanding.

Inspired by the gathering ritual of the Japanese 'Way of Tea (Chado)' they provide a space and atmosphere for encounter and exchange, as much as for inquiry and contemplation.

Questioning the self importance displayed by human vision and understanding, these sessions recognize and honor the other-than-human world.
One part of the session consists of a concert/performance/offering without human audience.

"With the Sonomama Sessions I would like to acknowledge the other than human world, support and foster inter- and transdisciplinary work and thinking, as well as introduce the artistic process as a way of coming to knowing."
- Lars Schmidt

So far they were scheduled monthly at the Center for Contemporary Art, Glasgow on
Dec 15 2019, Jan 25, Feb 28, Mar 27 2020, and as 3 online sessions during the pandemic.

“We have no end of information to hand. What we lack is a narrative, one that makes deep sense to us, that allows each one of us to sort the relevant from the irrelevant in our lives.
We need a metanarrative that will guide those who feel lost and those who want to work toward a future other than the bleak one now before us.”

Barry Lopez, Author