Sonomama Sessions
(sonomama, jap. = 'as it is')

The Sonomama Sessions are open gatherings/happenings around various themes ranging from the arts, to ecological or spiritual understanding.
Most of the times there will be featured guest artists/speakers, always there will be a nice atmosphere and poetic impulses to be followed.

There might even be a good Japanese green tea here and there, since we like that sort of thing.

Feel invited and keep updated via the Instagram account!

@CCA Glasgow
Jan 25
Feb 28
Mar 27
April 24
May 22
June 26


“We have no end of information to hand. What we lack is a narrative, one that makes deep sense to us, that allows each one of us to sort the relevant from the irrelevant in our lives.
We need a metanarrative that will guide those who feel lost and those who want to work toward a future other than the bleak one now before us.”

Barry Lopez, Author

"So how are you going to deal with a senseless situation that is a consequence of pathological individualism?
The only way forward is to bring on a Revolution of Compassion…"

The Dalai Lama, A Call for Revolution, 2018

The Sonomama Sessions are open gatherings/happenings conceived and initiated by Lars Schmidt.
They are scheduled monthly at the Center of Contemporary Art, Glasgow and may be seen as ‘a flexible, multifunctional and immersive artwork, fostering self-knowledge, improvisational skills and a sense of community’.
Inspired by the gathering ritual of the Japanese Tea ceremony they provide a space and atmosphere for encounter and exchange around various themes ranging from the arts, to ecological and spiritual understanding.
They intend to provide a context and support to explore fundamental questions about how to live a full, responsible and respectful life.
In other words: what it means to live artfully.

Featured guest artists, speakers and performers will share on various aspects.

'With the Sonomama Session I would like to support and foster inter- and transdisciplinary work and thinking, as well as (re)introduce the notion of ‘being in service’ as a concept of artistic expression, and as a timely and relevant demand from the artist.' - Lars Schmidt